What We Do

Accelerate the path from vision to outcomes with our toolkit tailored for change makers.


Future Aloha Project Coordination

Project Design & Development

Future Aloha Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning & Innovation

Future Aloha Team Building

Campaigns & Communications


Future Aloha Branding and Design

Graphic Design & Copywriting

Future Aloha Web Development

Web Design &  Development

Future Aloha Video Production

Video & Media Strategies

Future Aloha Event Production

Event Design & Production

Future Aloha Hui Homes

Our Focus

Future Aloha is built to make essential resources more accessible to change makers across Hawai‘i and beyond. We do this by operating as a social enterprise with a free, low-cost and pay-it-forward service model designed to continually expand our capacity to serve those on the frontlines of the future.

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We would love to talk story about your mission, challenges and opportunities to make a difference in Hawai‘i and beyond.



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